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My Writing Space

22 Jan

When attempting to write, I usually kick my feet up , sit back at my desk, and close my eyes.  I try to get a starting point which seems to be the most difficult part of it.  Once I begin, it’s usually a breeze.

My desk is across from my husband’s desk in a computer room about 16′ by 16′.  I’m surrounded by a myriad of wall hangings which include musical instruments carved out of wood, anniversary photos, diplomas, curio shelves filled with tiny crystal and pewter angels and wizards.  There’s a stack of Russian dolls which fit into each other.  They’re taken out and set up in size order on a shelf of their own.  They were given to me by Alexander Kopeikis, a Russian song writer.

I sit in the dark with a glow keyboard listening to my favorite songs playing in the background on iHeart Radio.  If it’s dinnertime, I often enjoy the aroma of garlic being fried fried slowly in olive oil.  When all finished, I hit my EASY button which tells me ;  ‘That was easy!’.