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Movin’ On (Song Title) written by L.E.G.

19 Jan

Walkin’ down a country road, 

Feeling like a long lost soul,

I gotta be movin’ on.


Watching the sun and the shadows,

Wondering what I’m gonna do to let you know

I gotta be

Movin’ on.


Cause I gotta be free,

Like a bird on the wing

And all alone

I gotta be free.

Like the ocean and the sea.


I gotta be

Movin’ on


Movin on . . .   . . .


Movin’ on, 

Movin’ on,

Movin’on . . .   . . .


So when all you gold turns to silver

And you’re not who you really thought you were,

You just gotta be

Movin on’,


Movin’on . . .   . . . .


Movin’ on,

Movin’ on,

Movin’ on . . .   . . .


(soft rock written in E minor)  for piano and guitarImage