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The Men in the Trees

23 Jan
How do you like my classy headgear?

How do you like my classy headgear?

I'm difficult to see.

I’m difficult to see.

Can you see me here?  Keep looing.

Can you see me here? Keep looing.

I was the first guy to appear.

I was the first guy to appear.


My Writing Space

22 Jan

When attempting to write, I usually kick my feet up , sit back at my desk, and close my eyes.  I try to get a starting point which seems to be the most difficult part of it.  Once I begin, it’s usually a breeze.

My desk is across from my husband’s desk in a computer room about 16′ by 16′.  I’m surrounded by a myriad of wall hangings which include musical instruments carved out of wood, anniversary photos, diplomas, curio shelves filled with tiny crystal and pewter angels and wizards.  There’s a stack of Russian dolls which fit into each other.  They’re taken out and set up in size order on a shelf of their own.  They were given to me by Alexander Kopeikis, a Russian song writer.

I sit in the dark with a glow keyboard listening to my favorite songs playing in the background on iHeart Radio.  If it’s dinnertime, I often enjoy the aroma of garlic being fried fried slowly in olive oil.  When all finished, I hit my EASY button which tells me ;  ‘That was easy!’.

Movin’ On (Song Title) written by L.E.G.

19 Jan

Walkin’ down a country road, 

Feeling like a long lost soul,

I gotta be movin’ on.


Watching the sun and the shadows,

Wondering what I’m gonna do to let you know

I gotta be

Movin’ on.


Cause I gotta be free,

Like a bird on the wing

And all alone

I gotta be free.

Like the ocean and the sea.


I gotta be

Movin’ on


Movin on . . .   . . .


Movin’ on, 

Movin’ on,

Movin’on . . .   . . .


So when all you gold turns to silver

And you’re not who you really thought you were,

You just gotta be

Movin on’,


Movin’on . . .   . . . .


Movin’ on,

Movin’ on,

Movin’ on . . .   . . .


(soft rock written in E minor)  for piano and guitarImage


Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

19 Jan

What Lies Beyond

The Bridge to ?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

18 Jan

Try this on for ‘size’.

wElcOMe tO mY sPAcE


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