Doublestuff, Hasbro, Bogie & Jabba, Bentley, Jack & Janie, and Lexie

30 Dec

In my movie, Just Another Day, you will see most of my gang. Doublestuff is the Italian Greyhound whose coat no one took off. Hasbro is the Toy Fox Terrier being ‘violated’ by Lexie, our black lab. Bentley is the handsome Beabull who is constantly playing with Lexie. jack and Janie are the gorgeous pugs roaming around throughout the video.

All the fun and games are gone now. I miss these guys all so terribly much! You see, we moved to an apartment and they don’t allow dogs any longer. We did find excellent homes for all eight of them just before we moved.

Doublestuff is the Italian greyhound. He’s the first dog we got when we move to PA. We got him from a breeder in NJ in 2000. He was a very dependent, loving dog. Ages ago Italian greyhounds were owned by royalty to keep their beds warm. He was definitely a ‘hot box’. He hated going anywhere from our property – a real homebody. We taught him to sing on command and he became the leader of our little chorus. When we moved, he was adopted by another dog lover, the trainer of our Lexie, who owns six IG’s, two Crested’s and a poodle. He very quickly became attached to her and her husband who were quite like us. Doublestuff was suffering from Addison’s disease and passed away just about two months after he was in his new home, at the age of 13. We were invited to where he was put to sleep and is going to be cremated. He most likely was about to die that day anyway, but none of us wanted him to suffer any longer. Hope to see you in heaven, Doublestuff!

Hasbro was adopted from another family in PA. He suffered from allergies and separation anxiety. He was a very lively dog who was so relaxed when he slept that he would sleep on his back with all four legs up in the air. One of his legs had come out of the hip socket in his last year with us and he underwent at least 3 procedures to correct this. He went around on three legs for a while and when all hope was lost, he suddenly began to use all four legs again. What a strong fellow! He was brought to AWSOM, a humane society in PA and was taken by an elderly lady to foster while they were doing renovations. She fell in love with him and adopted him. He was 8 years old.

Bogie and Jabba, respectively, were a French bulldog and a pug who we were fostering for our vet. They were the product of a divorce and were both 8 years old. Bogie was the most lovable dog! He played a lot with the lab, barked only when he wanted my attention and had the cutest sleep positions. Bogie was a very healthy dog who loved sunning himself on the deck. He also liked long walks and visiting with my friends. Jabba and Bogie came to us extremely attached to each other, but quickly became quite independent of each other. Jabba was a pug who had very deep skin folds on his face. He had been previously called ‘Stinky’, however he simply needed to be cleaned daily with special wipes to resolve this issue. Jabba was renamed by our son because he reminded our son of Jabba the Hut. Unfortunately, he thought of himself as a big dog and lost en eye while playing with Lexie. We tried to save it, but it could not be replaced into its socket. He got around just fine being blinded in his left eye and I identified with his problems since I am now blind in my right eye due to a fall down a staircase in 2010. Jabba loved to watch my husband on the computer and sit in his lap while he was playing computer games. His favorite place was in a nook underneath the marble coffee table in the family room. Both Bogie and Jabba went back to the vet and were adopted by a mother and daughter so that they can still visit with each other now and again. I guess they’ll always be best buds.

Bentley, as his name suggests, is an extremely handsome Beabull (a cross between a Beagle and and English bulldog). He was adopted from a young man in PA who got tired of Bentley trying to bolt out the door whenever he got the chance. Bentley spent most of his time horsing around with Lexie and never tried to bolt out our door. He was very energetic and loved to eat snow. Bentley was about a year and a half and also went to AWSOM, where he found a good home with a new family just waiting to play with him.

Jack and Janie were brother and sister pugs who we were fostering from our vet, fell immediately in love with, and adopted within two days. Jack was my favorite pug – just lively enough/calm enough and always slept right on my tummy. He helped me fall asleep each night and posed so beautifully for photos (another addiction of mine). Janie was a very lively, tiny pug who loved everyone, but adored my husband who would let her run loose in the unfenced backyard. I would yell, “Run, Janie! Run!”, and she would take off running circles around the yard. The cutest little dog ever! Both these pugs had Legg-Calve-Perthes disease – as I understand it, a wearing away of the femoral head, so that sometimes they would go around on only three legs, one of their hinds legs being held up. They were not in pain and did just fine. These two were definitely not detachable and went back to the vet where they found a home together with a cat. Hope they like the pussy!

Lexie, a beautiful black Labrador Retriever, was the youngest member of our gang. She played non-stop with all the others and would not take “No!” for an answer. She really didn’t mean to hurt Jabba. It was just an unfortunate accident. Lexie went with our real estate agent who has an older female black lab, hoping that she will create exercise for her. She has now a couple of acres on which to run free, has complete run of the house even when they’re out (hasn’t abused it thus far), and when last seen, she was relaxing at their back door with her new pal, watching the birds outside.


One Response to “Doublestuff, Hasbro, Bogie & Jabba, Bentley, Jack & Janie, and Lexie”

  1. Pressplay Pets January 22, 2013 at 6:23 am #

    Hello from Pressplay Pets! I was so sad to read that your lovely Italian Greyhound passed away recently from Addisons Disease. I am very familiar with Addisons – my Papillon Corey was diagnosed at around the age of 6 and passed away only last year at the grand old age of 18! I agree that Addisons can be a difficult disease to manage – especially when using the tablets.

    Corey was moved to the injections (Percortin) which the vet administered every 25 days (on the dot) and oh boy what a change it made. Corey was like a new dog – it worked wonders (so long as the injection was given on the dot when it was due and I kept him away from stress).

    All the best with your other dogs! They are all very sweet.

    Check out Corey on my blog:


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